Craig’s last theatre project was a starring role in a play called Fast Labour which ran at the West Yorkshire Playhouse and Hampstead Theatre in 2008.

Fast Labour flyer

Craig Kelly has exactly the right mixture of arrogance, charm and innocence as the fast-working Victor; The Guardian

But it would be dishonest not to highlight the performance of Craig Kelly as Victor. He is mesmerising. Victor, we come to realise over the course of the evening, is one very complex character. Of course the exposition of idiopathic detail and development is down to Steve Waters’ script, but few if any actors could match Kelly’s astounding realisation of the part. Rarely off stage for more than a few seconds he is, without doubt, the king-pin of this production. And yet even so the whole is greater than the individual parts. British Theatre Guide

He could be forgiven for feeling gutted himself – but not crafty Victor. Well-played by Craig Kelly in a focused performance, Victor sees how he could use his experience in a factory back home to set up his own employment agency. The Independent

Like Laika, Strelka and Belka, three cosmonaut canines of the space programme that they remember from Soviet history, they are launched into an uncertain future; but the ambitious Victor (an engaging Craig Kelly) has no intention of remaining the underdog. The Times

By contrast, although Craig Kelly’s handsome anti-hero grows by degrees into a callous, rich go-getter, we always retain a measure of sympathetic understanding for his predicament: if he can be exploited by native fixers, he reasons, why not turn slave-driver himself and make some money? The Telegraph

Ukrainian Victor (Craig Kelly) and his Russian and Lithuanian mates come from countries marauded for decades by Bolshevik thugs and now run mostly by oligarchs and corrupt former Communist politicians. Ian Brown’s production crackles with sardonic humour, and his actors handle both characters and accents like true tragic comedians.  Sunday Times

Kelly shades Victor very well. He is clever enough but not quite ruthless enough to succeed. The Stage


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